A store is having a sale on jellybeans and almonds for 2 pounds of jellybeans and 5 pounds of almonds the total cost is eight in dollars for 8 pounds of jellybeans and 3 pounds of almonds the cost is $21 final cost for each pound of jellybeans in each pound of

Accepted Solution

Answer:jellybeans: $2 13/34 β‰ˆ $2.38 per poundalmonds: $11/17 β‰ˆ $0.65 per poundStep-by-step explanation:If j and a represent the dollar cost per pound of jellybeans and almonds, respectively, then the two purchases can be represented by the equations ...2j +5a = 88j +3a = 21Multiply the first equation by 4 and subtract the second: Β  4(2j +5a) -(8j +3a) = 4(8) -(21) Β  17a = 11 Β  a = 11/17 Β  j = (8 - 5(11/17))/2 = 2 13/34Each pound of jellybeans costs 2 13/34 dollars; each pound of almonds costs 11/17 dollars. Rounded to cents, these costs are $2.38 and $0.65 per pound.