help please???!!!! 20p

Accepted Solution

Answer:SA = 952 ft²Step-by-step explanation:We have:two squares 10ft × 10ftthree rectangles 14ft × 10fttwo rectangles 9ft × 14fttwo triangles with base 10ft and height 8ftThe formula of an area of a reactangle l × w  (square s × s) :[tex]A=lw\qquad(s^2)[/tex]Substitute:[tex]A_1=10^2=100\ ft^2\\\\A_2=(14)(10)=140\ ft^2\\\\A_3=(9)(14)=126\ ft^2[/tex]The formula of an area of a triangle:[tex]A=\dfrac{(base)(height)}{2}[/tex]Substitute:[tex]A_4=\dfrac{(10)(8)}{2}=40\ ft^2[/tex]The Surface Area:[tex]SA=2A_1+3A_2+2A_3+2A_4[/tex]Substitute:[tex]SA=(2)(100)+(3)(140)+(2)(126)+(2)(40)=952\ ft^2[/tex]