Name the points which satisfy the conditions.1. A positive x-value.Plzzzz help fast!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:The points C, D, E F , H and G all have POSITIVE X- VALUES.Step-by-step explanation:The points which lie either in 1st Quadrant, 4th Quadrant or on the positive X - axis ,and Y axis they have positive x value. Now, here:C lies on Origin (0,0) Hence, a positive X- value.D and E lie in  Quadrant 1 . Hence, a positive X- value.F lies on X-axis.  Hence, a positive X- value.A and B  lie in  Quadrant 2 . Hence, a negative X- value.G lies in  Quadrant 4.  Hence, a positive X- value.H lies on Y-axis.  Hence, a positive X- value  = 0Hence, the points C, D, E F , Hand G all have POSITIVE X- VALUES.