On Monday, the temperature was 6 degrees cooler than it had been on Sunday, on Tuesday the temperature rose 4 degrees from Monday. Wednesday's temperature was cooler than Tuesday's, but not as cool as it was on Monday. Which answer choice shows a reasonable answer for the difference in temperature on Wednesday, as compared to the temperature on Sunday? A) -10 degrees B) -7 degrees C) -4 degrees D) -2 degrees

Accepted Solution

Answer:C) -4 degreesStep-by-step explanation:let's set Sunday Temp = 0°Since Monday is 6° cooler than Sunday, we subtract 6° from 0 (Sunday's temp)Monday's Temp -6 (0-6)Since Tuesday's Temp is 4° higher than Monday, we add 4 to Monday's temp:Tuesday's Temp -2 (-6+4)Wednesday's Temp is cooler than Tuesday's but not as cool as Monday's, we assume that Wednesday's Temp is in-between -6 & -2that makesc. -4 a reasonable choice